Had Visita Iglesia in Tagaytay with the whole family! I wasn’t able to take a picture of the seventh church because it’s dark already plus we’re on the side where I can’t take a picture of it. We started at 10am and finished at around 7pm because it was so traffic!! I feel so blessed whenever I do Visita Iglesia every Holy Week and I’m proud that it was part of my agenda every year.

Here are the food I munched while we are on our way to seven different churches:

(( And oh, BAE I would just like to say sorry for the delay I caused in posting my Puerto Galera experience. It is so special that i had to prepare for it lol ))

Of course, no one will hinder myself from being such a frustrated photographer so here goes the shots I took:

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Scenery by yours truly // Puerto Galera 2014

Food porn // Puerto Galera

Day 1: Pastries (Pan de Coco) | Veggies | Buko Juice (welcome drinks) | Cocktail (Margarita) | Liempo | Chicken sisig | Fries | Spaghetti

Day 2: Healthy breakfast

April 7 // Mondate

I was with Ryan last Monday for our date for his graduation. We were supposed to watch Divergent but he mistakenly bought Captain America tix instead. Ugh hahahaha. We ate at BonChon and there goes one of my grad gifts to him, bag. I am glad he liked it. After we ate our lunch, we played arcades and went home.

April 10 // Thursday

Accounting finals was finally done!!!! The only thing I need to worry is our law finals at 6:00-8:00pm. Since our accounting finals is until 11:00am only, we, Clauds and I, decided to stay on Gael’s house first. I was so happy because we were able to review for our law finals because usually if you’re studying with your friends, it turns out to be a riot/party lol. I ate a lot of food at Gael’s house. This family never fails to make my tummy happy. There goes Gael and her minion stuff toy. And there goes Clauds and our typical study table. We went back to Taft at 5:00pm and waited for our finals.

Foodmaterial consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy (Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, n.d.) 

Wednesday // April 9: Review buddies. Burger and mojos (home made) and ice cream

Thursday // April 10: Gael’s residence. Mint cholates, corn and a KFC bucket full of fries

Sorry for being inactive these days! I was in Puerto Galera!! ;) I’m so excited to blog about it :)